Finger-Paint Prints

This activity is great for fine motor skills and sequencing skills!


White sheets of paper

Assorted colors of finger paint

Apron or old shirt


Cookie sheet or Styrofoam tray

Combs, q-tips, spatulas etc.



1.Cover work area with newspaper.

2.Place the cookie sheet or Styrofoam tray on the work surface.

3.Spread finger paint onto the surface of the cookie sheet or tray.

4.Make linear patterns in the paint with fingers, comb etc.

5.Place a white sheet of paper over top of the painted surface and gently rub.

6.Pull the paper up from the painted surface and set aside to dry.

7.Add another color of finger paint and repeat steps #3 & 4.

8.After the first color has dried, repeat step #5.

9.Leave the final print to dry when completed.

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